Monday, February 22, 2010

Ageless Beauty - Product Review

I remember one summer in college, I was visiting my boyfriend at his family’s home in Beverly Hills. I was lounging by the pool with my boyfriend’s Mom, when she began telling me about her skincare regimen. My eyes glazed over as she went on and on. After awhile, I sort of tilted my head and looked at her, then made a remark about how I usually just “grab whatever cleanser and moisturizer I can find at the drug store.” She laughed and said, “I could get away with that when I was twenty too.”

She was right, Oil of Olay isn’t exactly cutting it now that I have crow’s feet and while Brad’s Mom spends more money on skin care and makeup, than the average person spends on a car….there are options for us beauty junkies living on more modest budgets. Thank Goodness!!

Meet Style and Spa, a new line of all natural skincare products designed to duplicate the professional spa therapy experience at home. The luscious product line refreshes, refines and reinvigorates skin for a youthful, fresh appearance.

Style & Spa products are non-comedogenic and will not clog pores; the range of products includes everything from cleansers to eye cream and body oils.

The Serenity Hydra Deluxe Traveler's Kit ($25) has it all:

· Hydrating Cleansing Balm

· Essence of Hydration

· Hydrating Crème Concentrate for Eyes

· Hydrating Protection SPF 30

· Hydrating Crème Concentrate

You will love, love, love the Hydrating Cleansing Balm (with exfoliating properties) and the Hydrating Crème Concentrate for Eyes.

Style & Spa is offering Chicago Girly Girl readers 10% off any purchase plus free shipping!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Fuss Beauty - Luscious Lashes

I remember a time when I thought that the most beautiful woman on Earth was Smurfette. I am pretty sure that was the same year that my brother dared me to eat a piece of dog food (and I did) – okay so that was quite some time ago. As an adult, I have the long, blonde hair but impossibly long lashes? Maybe with a little help…

Eyelash extensions are one of the fastest growing beauty trends and for good reason. My morning make-up regimen is significantly faster because I don’t have to bother with mascara. Also, I feel like I need less make up because the lashes are so gorgeous (and attention getting!)

Recently, I was scuba diving in the Yucatan Peninsula and getting into and out of, salt water all day long. Yet, I still had long, black eyelashes without a trace of raccoon eyes.
Eyelash extensions are tremendously popular with brides because of the “Wow!“ Factor. A word of caution: after you get them, you’ll be hooked.

The only place to go is Flutter Lash Studio in Lincoln Park. Their work is very high quality and you’ll love the feel (think girly-girl nirvana meets noveau-chic.) Joan did my full set (a full set is the only way to go in my opinion) and I was so relaxed that I fell asleep. Definitely have them do a quick eyebrow shaping as well.

A few things to keep in mind:
  • Your first appointment can take up to 2 hours but the follow-up appointments (every 2 – 4 weeks) will only take an hour or so.
  • After you get them on, you will need to keep your face dry for about 24 hours (this is so that the glue can set.)
  • With proper care, your eyelash extensions will last indefinitely (with only minimal touch-ups). I recommend staying away from oil-based products and steam or intense heat.
Flutter uses the Xtreme Lashes® line which is the highest quality product available. I made the mistake of trying other products in the past because I was traveling and I was sorely disappointed.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chicago Girly Girl’s Boutique Round Up

I remember calling my friends when I was younger – we’d plan our outfits and wear the same cheesy Gap sweater to the football game, complete with matching bows in our hair. Ah, those were simpler times. Now, answering the door to see your friend rocking the same dress equals disaster.

“Noooo! We cannot show up at a party wearing the same thing!!”

One of the reasons that I like traveling so much is because I love finding the out-of-the-way boutiques with totally unique clothing and accessories. An absolute favorite is Pandora’s Box in Martha’s Vineyard. I was elated, yet surprised to find great boutiques in Rochester, Richmond and New Orleans. I justify my purchases because no
t only will they will remind me of my trip, but also because I can feel confident wearing something as unique as I am.

Chicago is a magical city filled with endless options for fashion and beauty – trunk shows, fashion shows, beauty events and shopping. It is
girly girl nirvana. Here is a list of my favorite Chicago boutiques. Enjoy!

RR1 is a hidden gem, housed in a narrow, wood-paneled pharmacy established in the thirties. What you should look for here: clever gifts, original jewelry and decorative items for the home.
814 N Ashland Ave

Chicago, IL 60622
P: (312) 421-9079

Beta Boutique
This Wicker Park boutique is tucked behind Damen Avenue on a cobblestone street – you will find contemporary women’s samples and overstock at seriously discounted prices: 40% - 90%.
2016 W Concord Place

Chicago, IL 60647
P: (773) 276-0905

Hubba Hubba
Looking for the perfect dress for a date Friday night? You’ll find it here. Hubba Hubba addicts keep coming back because of the reasonable prices and darling clothing (romantic to classic.) 3309 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60657
P: (773) 477-1412

Ciao Bella
Owner, Amy Lechelt-Basta offers an impressive range of versatile clothing for the well-travelled individual.
3829 N Southport Ave
Chicago, IL 60613
P: (773) 388-2201

Mexican Shop

You will find some extraordinary jewelry in this Evanston shop. It is well-worth the trip to E-town.
801 Dempster St
Evanston, IL 60201
P: (847) 475-8665‎

Some non-clothing boutiques you should check out:
Asrai Garden
A New Leaf
Paper Doll

Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Solstice Beauty Event - Get Your Tickets Before They're Gone!

High fashion meets beauty at this decadent affair hosted by Chicago Girly Girl and RED 7 Salon. Indulge your senses in Nutella crepes and truffled popcorn by Fig Catering, wine tastings by Mad Housewife and beauty treatments by RED 7.

Fashion Designers Kate Boggiano, Lara Miller and Serpico will unveil their summer lines and jewelry designers Sarah Radford (Chic Gems) and Julia Failey will showcase their latest adornments. Attendees can also shop from clothing, cosmetics and accessories by retailers like Votre Vu, Tallulah Cosmetics, Ciao Bella, Hubba Hubba, Maison de Couture, Bess and Loie, Kiss My Face, Lucky Day Boutique, Arbonne and The Honeymoon Bag.

Thursday June 11, 6 - 8:30 p.m.
RED 7 Salon
210 W. Kinzie, 2nd floor, Chicago

Tickets are $20 and include a goody bag.

There are a limited number of tickets. To ensure entry, buy your ticket HERE
! You can also e-mail

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ultimate Girls Night Out - Grab the Girls!!

Wine? Nutella crepes? Shopping? Beauty Treatments? check. check. check. check.
The goody bags are especially nice. We don't mess around!

Beauty Enthusiasts Indulge in a Whimsical Evening of Girly Fun, Beauty and Shopping

CHICAGO – The boats are back in the harbor, the town is a flurry with fans dressed in red and blue making their way towards Wrigley Field and the countdown to the Old St. Pat’s Block Party has officially begun. It’s summer, ladies! Before you head to the beach, you’d better make sure those toes are in tip-top-shape!

Fortunately, you can get all dolled up and do some shopping at the Summer Solstice Beauty Event at RED 7 Salon (210 W. Kinzie St.), Thursday
June 11 from 6-8:30 p.m. Guests will enjoy wine tasting from Mad Housewife, sinful, gourmet hors d’oeuvres from Fig Catering and beauty treatments from RED 7. Fashion Designers Kate Boggiano, Lara Miller and Serpico will unveil their summer lines and jewelry designers Sarah Radford (Chic Gems) and Julia Failey will showcase their latest adornments. Attendees can also shop from clothing, cosmetics and accessories by retailers like Votre Vu, Tallulah Cosmetics, Ciao Bella, Hubba Hubba, Kiss My Face, Lucky Day Boutique, Arbonne and The Honeymoon Bag.

Tickets are $20 and include a goody bag.
Reserve your spot by purchasing your ticket, HERE!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother's Day Gift Idea

Everyone says this, but my Mom is the best. Not only does she patiently answer every cooking question I have, but she is also the first person I call when I have strange ailments or have accidentally died my hands silver (and have to go to a wedding in an hour). Somehow the woman knows everything. More importantly, she appreciates my quirky sense of humor (who else calls their Mom and starts with "Hi Mom. How in the hell are you?")

If you are not sure what to get your Mum for Moth
er's Day, check out the sleek designs at Chic Gems. They have truly fabulous jewelry and you're bound to find something that Mom would like. For Chicago Girly Girl readers, Chic Gems will give you 30% off your purchase and will even throw in a pair of matching earrings, with purchase of a necklace! Simply put "MOTHER" in the special promo box. If you are sending something directly to Mom, indicate that shipping and billing are separate in the "notes" section.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Woman's Best Friend: Martinis and Manicures

7.3 million American women have difficulty conceiving. However, many of these cases could have been prevented through simple lifestyle changes. Education is imperative, and what better way to learn than over complimentary manicures and martinis?

The American Fertility Association’s Manicures & Martinis Infertility Prevention Program is a national series of events dedicated to young women in their 20’s and 30’s who aren’t quite ready to conceive, but might one day want to have a child. Fertility experts from Fertility Centers of Illinois will lead a conversation about how to prevent infertility whenever possible, the reality of the Biological Clock, the harmful effects of STD’s and environmental toxins, and the differences between gynecologists and reproductive endocrinologists. Attendees will also enjoy complimentary manicures and martinis, or a Fertilitini - an all organic alcohol-free cocktail.

Corey Whelan, The AFA’s Program Director and event series creator says that dealing with infertility robs women of control over their own lives. Education about our bodies and things we can do to preserve our fertility potential, gives that control back. “This program has proven to be an empowering and liberating experience for women, whether they choose motherhood or not,” she adds.

Manicures and Martinis offers education to young women in a fun and enjoyable setting. Dr. John Rapisarda, Reproductive Endocrinologist with the Fertility Centers of Illinois agrees that knowledge is power. “Creating early awareness of factors leading to infertility is the first step towards reducing the number of women impacted later in life,” he adds.

The AFA’s Executive Director, Ken Mosesian further explains that through post-event surveys, young women have expressed how much they’ve learned about the basics of reproduction, their biological clocks, the importance of preventing STD’s as well as birth control. One participant said, ‘Finally, some answers.”

As an added perk, those who attend Manicures & Martinis Chicago may choose to be treated to a complimentary Yoga and acupuncture session, courtesy of Pulling Down the Moon. The national series has been greeted with overwhelming success in New York City and other large metropolitan areas. Young women in their early 20s and 30’s are invited to attend and learn all they can about safeguarding themselves from becoming part of the 7.3 million statistic.

Manicures & Martinis
Tuesday, May 12 from 6:00-7:30
Allyu -- 600 W. Chicago Ave.

Riverwalk Speakers: Angelina Beltsos, MD and John Rapisard, MD of Fertility Centers of Illinois Registration Contact Info: or 646.861.3226