Monday, February 22, 2010

Ageless Beauty - Product Review

I remember one summer in college, I was visiting my boyfriend at his family’s home in Beverly Hills. I was lounging by the pool with my boyfriend’s Mom, when she began telling me about her skincare regimen. My eyes glazed over as she went on and on. After awhile, I sort of tilted my head and looked at her, then made a remark about how I usually just “grab whatever cleanser and moisturizer I can find at the drug store.” She laughed and said, “I could get away with that when I was twenty too.”

She was right, Oil of Olay isn’t exactly cutting it now that I have crow’s feet and while Brad’s Mom spends more money on skin care and makeup, than the average person spends on a car….there are options for us beauty junkies living on more modest budgets. Thank Goodness!!

Meet Style and Spa, a new line of all natural skincare products designed to duplicate the professional spa therapy experience at home. The luscious product line refreshes, refines and reinvigorates skin for a youthful, fresh appearance.

Style & Spa products are non-comedogenic and will not clog pores; the range of products includes everything from cleansers to eye cream and body oils.

The Serenity Hydra Deluxe Traveler's Kit ($25) has it all:

· Hydrating Cleansing Balm

· Essence of Hydration

· Hydrating Crème Concentrate for Eyes

· Hydrating Protection SPF 30

· Hydrating Crème Concentrate

You will love, love, love the Hydrating Cleansing Balm (with exfoliating properties) and the Hydrating Crème Concentrate for Eyes.

Style & Spa is offering Chicago Girly Girl readers 10% off any purchase plus free shipping!