Saturday, March 28, 2009

Feng Shui Revitalization –Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Sprit

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and felt incredibly uncomfortable for no apparent reason? Or maybe you were standing next to someone and you could feel the overwhelming negativity oozing from their pores. Think about that for a second. Now think about a time when you walked into a big, beautiful church, like The Sistine Chapel. I am not a religious person but I am completely obsessed with the idea of buying a church, so that I can renovate it, turn it into condos and live there. I love being in church because the energy is so pure, people allow themselves to be transformed here and higher learning is taking place. I get goose bumps and I am completely absorbed by the positive energy moving through.

Feng Shui is the Chinese system of creating energetic harmony in your environment, to affect your health and happiness. Applying some of the basic Feng Shui principles to your home will not only make your home more beautiful and tranquil; but it can also act as a catalyst for big change, improving your luck, and breathing ne
w life into your relationships and career. Tips
1.) Start with the front door, which is very important because it represents the flow of chi entering and leaving your home. It is the first thing you see and the first thing your guests see, so make a good, first impression! Remove shoes, piles of paper and junk –keep the area clean and clear to allow qi (life force) to enter.

2.) Remove clutter. Clutter sucks the vital energy out of you and can often be blamed for the blocks that one experiences in life. Clean out closets, give away anything you don’t need. Keep only the items that nourish and inspire you.

3.) Clear the energy regularly by opening windows, burning incense or performing a clearing (burning a bunch of dried sage). Do this when you move into a new house (to avoid predecessor factors), after you’ve recovered from sickness and after a divorce or break up (to avoid lingering separation energy). The idea is to clean out any old and lingering negative energy. Chimes are also a wonderful tool for breaking up stagnant energy as well.

4. Bring the outside in. Bring in elements such as wood, metals, water and appropriate colors, to help a room feel more balanced and less cluttered. Bring in as many plants and flowers as you can because they give off oxygen for fresher air. Choose lucky flowers and plants, like jade and bamboo to generate fields of energy. Place a water fountain in a room for a calm, soothing sound.

5. Get rid of harsh, toxic chemicals. Go through the cleaning supplies in your kitchen, supply closet and garage. Throw out all of the toxic, chemical based cleaners and replace them with natural, eco-friendly products.

To Attract a New Job

Need to find a new job? Place a beautiful wooden box on your desk with a positive affirmation inside to represent growth in your job potential. A strong headboard will help your career and your marriage!

To Attract Love
Clear out your closets and make more space for someone to enter your life. Do the same for your bookshelves. Keep a couple of bottles of wine and chocolate in the house to prepare for their arrival. Finally, be mindful of artwork where there is only one figure (two is always better because otherwise, you’re telling the universe that you like being alone!)

To Attract Money
Decorate with the colors purple, red and green to attract prosperity. Place a prosperity Buddha or a bowl of foreign coins in the southeast corner of your house. This is awkward because my southeast corner is my shower. Hmmm….

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Man Hunting: How to Catch a Man in a Big City

Our mothers went to school, they got married and soon after, they began having children. My Mom being the Saint that she is, offered up her advice and consolation many times over the years, as she watched her baby, break up with guy after guy. She withheld judgment when I passed on several good guys, opting instead, for the conceited socialite and the narcissistic doctor.

“I just don’t understand. You’re smart, you’re beautiful and you’re independent. Why is it so hard for you to find the right guy?” She’d lament.

My friends would initially offer support and eventually they would ask "So what was wrong with this one?"

It’s no easy task meeting quality men in a big city. Guys tend to hang onto fraternity boy tendencies longer and women are so devoted to their careers that they aren’t fazed in the slightest by flying solo at a wedding, or showing up at their 30th birthday party without a date.

The ease of shopping for a mate online with Web sites like and jdate, have resulted in a culture where no one chats up their neighbor anymore. Instead of smiling at the cute guy standing in line at Starbucks, we're multi-tasking and responding to e-mails via blackberry. It is a sad state of affairs.

I eventually got it right and I know that you will too! Below are a few tips that are simple yet effective. If you slow down just a little and make some room in your life for that special guy - you might just find that person you've been holding out for!

Chicago Girly Girl’s Tips for Man Hunting:

1. Invest in YOU. Take a creative writing class, a meditation workshop, or learn belly dancing. Harness your inner goddess by nourishing your spirit. What does this have to do with love, you ask? When you really like who you are as a person, so will everyone else.

2. Go where the men are. This one is pretty self explanatory. Ladies, unless they already have a woman (or man) on their arms, you will NOT find a guy at the ballet. Grab a friend and go to a hockey game or join a coed softball team. Sports bars on game days will work to your favor, as long as you know some basics (who is playing, basic rankings, etc.)

3. Cast your social net wider. If you’re like me, you want to spend your time with the select few who have made it to your A-list. If you’re single, this could actually work against you. The advantage to hanging out with new people is that you will have access to the single men that they know! Say "yes", the next time your coworker invites you to her husband’s happy hour. You’ll meet a lot more prospective candidates by going outside of your comfort zone. So switch things up!!

4. Be brazen. Say you’re out one night and you see a guy that is the life of the party. He is cute and you can’t help but notice his magnetic smile! Wait for the right opportunity to walk over and say hello. Few girls do this, so I assure you when he sees a cute girl walking over to him, he will be thrilled. After a few minutes, tell him that you have to get back to your friends but that you enjoyed your conversation. Don’t ask for his number or card. Unless he’s married or gay, he will ask how he can get in touch with you.

5. Flirt. I once knew a girl who would walk into a bar in front of her husband and she’d wink and smile at every guy she saw. Heads turned and her clueless husband beamed with pride. If you’re trying to get someone’s attention, sometimes the best way is to flirt with his friend. You must do this carefully however. Optimally, you want to flirt with the friend, while Mr. Hottie isn’t paying attention. When Mr. Hottie himself glances in your direction, tone it down.