Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentine's Day Girls Guide

I always struggle with what to get my special man friend on Valentine’s Day. This is probably because most the men I know detest Valentine’s Day. I recently read a statistic that one billion valentines are sent each year worldwide, making the day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year, behind Christmas. The majority of the card purchases are by women -- 85 percent in fact, which I think sort of says it all. That said, I always get him something knowing that I will look like a jerk if he does something elaborate or thoughtful, which he will.

Selecting the perfect gift for your guy is pretty simple and if you start to panic, just remember that we have it a lot easier than they do! The most important thing you need to remember is quite simple: simply match the appropriate gift based on the level of intimacy you have as a couple. If you’ve only been on a few dates, then homemade brownies or his favorite cookie should do it. If you’ve been together for a cou
ple of years you might need to put some more effort into it.

I hope the guide below will be of use to you!

What man doesn’t love gadgets?
Seriously. Do you know any? I don't.
  • Is he a wine drinker? Replace his outdated wine opener with this one: Vacu Vin Winemaster
Price $49.99

Buy the Vacu Vin Winemaster!

  • Does he take his annual camping trip with the guys a little too seriously? If so, this might come in handy: Victorinox Swiss Army One Hand Trekker Lockblade Pocket Knife
Price $26.35

Buy the Victorinox Swiss Army One Hand Trekker Lockblade Pocket Knife!

  • Is he directionally challenged? Think how many arguments can be avoided with this glorious little tool! Garmin Nuvi 270 3.5 inch Portable GPS Navigator
Price $150.66

Buy the Garmin Nuvi 270 3.5 inch Portable GPS Navigator!

The beauty of simplicity

  • You can’t beat a quiet night in. If you waited too long to get reservations or you just don’t feel like fighting the masses, then opt for cooking and sharing a meal together in. Intercourses aphrodisiac cookbook is a must have because you can use it year round; not only are the dishes simple but they taste phenomenal!

Price $19.77

Buy a copy of Intercourses aphrodisiac cookbook!

  • Concert tickets – Is he a huge Rob Zombie fan? Buy him two tickets and tell him he can take whoever he wants. (This is also a test!) If he chooses to take you then suck it up and grab the thickest black eye pencil you can get your hands on. Going to a concert that is out of your comfort zone will win you major cool points!
Peruse concert tickets here!

Not really sure if you and Mr. Right Now have a future together?? Give him a gift that will confuse him. Why? Because it’s just plain fun to do!

  • Message in a bottle (reading their press release makes me soooo glad that I don’t do commercial PR for silly products).
Order your message in a bottle here!

  • Hot Sauce of The Month Club
Sign up for the hot sauce of the month club here!

Give him a Snuggie and include a note that reads “For those nights when I am out late dancing with my girlfriends and you are on the couch with your hand in your pants.”

Order your snuggie here!


Rickie said...

If I get hot sauce I'll be pissed!

Elise Kern said...

Hope Byron doesn't read this and take the surprise out of those Def Leopard tickets.....

T said...

No you did not suggest a Snuggie. LOL! That is too funny.

First, I'm gonna work on getting a Valentine AND THEN I'll work on the gift. :P

Fab post nonetheless.

Looking4LuvInAllWrongPlaces said...

How about a "Running from the Law" T-Shirt. I heard those were popular.